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Ways of Establishment of the Association of Inventors and Authors of Technical Improvements INVENTOR MIHAJLO PUPIN-Skopje

Modern way of living and creating has led the inventors of Macedonia to a decision upon unification and organizing in an association of a kind that overcomes the stereotypes of existing ways of organization and activities in the area.

A group of renown and active inventors upon consultative meetings took obligation to give this initiative a form of legal entity as a registered association which principles will be in accordance with the rules, objectives and acts of both SPATUM and NARODNA TEHNIKA…

The Association improves the existing organizing pattern in the area of inventing with its specific way of acting as follows:

– Continuous communication among members of the Association;

– Timely interchange of information that can be of importance to the rest of the members;

– Offering of sincere and unselfish help among members that will lead to realization of individual projects;

– Trustworthy, sincere and reliable approach in relations with companies that are cooperative and supportive to the Association;

– Taking part in innovative projects of the Association;

– The Association encourages females and children to start innovative projects;

The Association was founded on February 22th, 2015 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia


Within the Association objectives and tasks of wide mutual interest to the inventors and authors of technical improvements are going to be achieved, as follows

* Making essential (basic), methodological and organizational assumptions for improvement of inventions and other forms of industrial property;

* Popularization of invention and innovation activities through consultations, discussions, lectures, exhibitions and other;

* Involving young potentials in invention activities and rising the professional level (level of expertise) of the members of the Association;

* Recognition and stimulation of talented students;

* Keeping the members updated with changes and news in the area of legal regulations that refer to invention and innovation activities in Republic of Macedonia, international institutions and associations; provide information about exhibitions and other forms of events for popularization and improvement of innovations;

* Making a base for promotion and realization of innovations;

* Taking part in planning and carrying out of local and international events and cooperating with local and international associations in the area of inventions and innovations;

* Cooperating with high schools and colleges , technical faculties and associations on creating conditions for new inventions and innovations;

* Taking part in making and use of inventions and other forms of technical creativity;

* Presentation of projects via electronic and other public media;

* Submitting suggestions to authorities for carrying out, change or amend legislative and regulations on inventions and innovations;

* Taking part in science research projects;

* Merging with other associations in the field of inventions and innovations both from Republic of Macedonia and abroad.

Above mentioned objectives and tasks the association is going to achieve by:

* Developing Vocational training of staff to work in clubs organized by the Association;

* Organizing seminars and trainings, lectures, discussions, exhibitions and other similar activities;

* Cooperating with Narodna Tehnika na Makedonija, Technical faculties, The Science Association, Macedonian Chamber of Commerce and other institutions from Macedonia or abroad directly or via SPATUM.